FASE is seeking professional women and other stake-holders who will serve as role models to inspire and encourage women and girls in STEM – ultimately improving the STEM opportunities for the next generation. FASE is establishing a community of individuals dedicated to breaking through educational and economic barriers for women and girls.

What do female STEM professionals do with FASE?

  • Teach girls about STEM career and guide them through their education/experience pathway
  • Have lunch with the girls at FASE Discovery Camp and talk about STEM experiences
  • Visit an after-school program and talk to the girls about your STEM area
  • Visit classrooms to talk about STEM careers, finding funding for college and what college is like
  • Serve on a panel of female STEM professionals
  • Facilitate small group discussions about your experiences in STEM – with education, training, and career opportunities
  • Show girls that women can change the world and help people by using their STEM skills!